What is Aboriginal Health Television?
Aboriginal Health Television (AHTV) is a culturally relevant health & wellbeing network, delivering important health messages and engaging content to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities.

AHTV is played in the waiting room areas of Aboriginal Medical Services targeting patients, family members and carers at point-of-care, where health is top-of-mind.

Our High Definition Digital Out-of-Home network features geo-targeted health messages, lifestyle & entertainment content and news that connects Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities – empowering positive health decisions & outcomes.

What is Aboriginal Health Television’s Mission?
Aboriginal Health Television is committed to delivering culturally relevant health & wellbeing information resulting in better health literacy, better conversations between patients & healthcare practitioners and better healthcare outcomes.

Our Mantra – Live Healthy, Live Strong, Live Long.

I am an Aboriginal Medical Service. How do I get the network installed at my clinic?
We would love to chat with you about having AHTV installed at your clinic. You can get in touch via the online form on our website or call us on T: 1300 856 690
I am an Aboriginal Medical Service. Can I promote my own clinic and services on the screen?
Yes. We allow you to use the AHTV service for promotion of your services though the inclusion of a promo video (not to exceed 2 minutes in duration) played twice an hour. Your promo video can be geo-targeted to specific locations. All intellectual property rights are  retained by the content provider.
Who are our supporters and contributors?
  • Australian Government Department of Health
  • National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO)
  • NITV & ABC Indigenous
  • Independent Content Producers
  • Tonic Health Media
What type of content is played on AHTV?
Our digital television network consists of a culturally relevant content mix, including:



  • Location-based Aboriginal Medical Services messages
  • Government Health Messages
  • Medical, Health & Wellbeing, Nutrition & Exercise
  • News & Weather updates
  • Community & Culture
  • Lifestyle
  • Youth, Travel & Music
How much does it cost have AHTV at your clinic?
AHTV comes at no cost to any ACCHO or AMS.  This includes installation and ongoing maintenance costs.
What are some of the AMS & patient benefits to having AHTV in your clinic?
  • AHTV service is provided at no cost to AMSs
  • Local Aboriginal people sharing their stories
  • Increased health literacy for patients & carers
  • Better patient discussions with healthcare providers
  • Better health outcomes for AMS patients
  • Ongoing support is provided by Tonic Health
Can Community Service Announcements be played on AHTV?
Yes, Community Services Announcements can be played on AHTV as well as Government approved Community Service Announcements.
How can I submit content to be played on AHTV?
You can contact us via the online form on our website.  We will be able to send you information about the delivery methods of content and the preferred specifications.
Can I watch AHTV online?
No, not at this stage. But you can watch it in an Aboriginal Medical Service near you.
Is AHTV on social media?
Yes we are. You can follow all us on Instagram @AboriginalHealthTV, on Facebook @AboriginalHealthTV and on Youtube by doing a search for Aboriginal Health Television.
Who started AHTV?
Aboriginal Health Television (AHTV) was launched by Tonic Health Media in July 2018 after receiving grant funding from the Australian Government.  Our not-for-profit organisation works in collaboration with the Australian Government, Aboriginal Medical Services and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations and healthcare providers.

Tonic Health Media is Australia’s leading health and wellbeing network created by health and medical professionals.  Tonic has a proven track record of creating, producing and managing a wide range of health & wellbeing content, that targets audiences in medical practices.


Aboriginal Health Television
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T: 1300 856 690