Tiddas Talk

Tiddas Talk is a new project inviting our Sisters and Aunties to yarn about our health, wellbeing, and what makes us tick. We’re all about coming together and making sure everyone feels seen and heard. You can catch Tiddas Talk online and on screens across our AMS network.

Let’s raise our voices and celebrate the beauty of living our best lives, no matter our age.

Tiddas Talk


Through sharing both knowledge and personal journeys, we aim to break the silence and offer support to women facing challenges with their health. Our first Tiddas Talk topic is perimenopause.

Perimenopause remains largely unspoken among First Nations women, making it more difficult to discuss with healthcare providers. However, every woman deserves access to healthcare information and supportive resources.

Our goal is to ensure this education and information are readily accessible to all.

We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Rosa, a proud Wiradjuri woman, to gain insights into her personal experience during this transitional phase.

Through Rosa’s story, we’re reminded that our experiences are shared, and there’s strength in coming together.

Become a Partner

Becoming an advertising partner with Tiddas Talk opens up a unique opportunity to reach and engage with a diverse audience of First Nations women over 40.

As a partner, you’ll have the chance to align your brand with our mission of empowerment, health, and community support. Through our platform, you can showcase your products or services in a meaningful way that resonates with our audience, while also contributing to important conversations about wellbeing and women’s health.

Join us in creating a positive impact and forming strong connections within the community.